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Vastu For Home

The term Vastu, meaning a dwelling place, was initially used to refer to the homes of Gods and human beings. But now the scope of this study has expanded to the extent of including almost all types of constructions, then be it a plot, commercial complex, industry, shop/showroom or spiritual place like temple. These days, with increasing pressure it has become essential to consult a Vastu expert for residential Vastu. These are some Vaastu tips for houseā€¦

Here are some Vaastu tips for house:

  • The best direction for master bedroom construction is southwest, while for other rooms; central, southern and central west directions are appropriate.
  • If you wish to construct a bedroom in the northwest direction, then prefer using it as a guest room or as a room for daughters.
  • Southeast direction is not right for bedroom purpose.
  • For children's room, the perfect direction is west or north. Place their study tables in the northern or eastern corner of the room and make sure that while your kids are studying, they should be facing east direction.
  • Avoid sleeping with your head facing north side of your room.
  • Green color is recommended to be used for wall painting in the study room, as it enhances intelligence.
  • For prayer room, yellow or sandal wall color is just perfect.
  • For placing TV or computer in the living room, southeast corner is just right.

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