Vastu Science

Vastu is the scientific study of directions, which aims at utilizing the natural energies that are available free of cost, for the benefit of humans, by creating an equilibrium between man and material. Vaastu science extracts the positive energy from the natural elements of the universe, namely, earth, water, air, sun and sky. Read further to know about Vastu as science…

Vastu is an old practice that was evolved by learned men of the past, for the welfare of mankind. It is a vast field of study that lays down certain principles, paving way for good health, wealth and prosperity to enter our gateway.

The five elements of nature, on which the science of Vaasthu is based are:

  • Sun: sun is one of the most important elements of nature, on which our very survival is dependent. It is a source of heat and light and therefore has a lot of significance in the Vastu study.
  • Air: air, being the source of oxygen, acts as the life savor for living beings. The comfort level of living beings is dependant upon different things like airflow, air temperature, its pressure, humidity level etc, therefore air is one of the most powerful sources of our survival.
  • Earth: in India, earth is given the status of mother. It is the source of existence of landform, landscape, flora and fauna. The gravitational force and magnetic effects of Earth have an effect on living beings.
  • Water: it is an essential element for the existence of all life forms.
  • Sky: it consists of not just our solar system but also the galaxy.

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