Vastu For Buildings

Here are some Vaastu tips for commercial buildings:

  • As per Vaastu advice for commercial complex, one should opt for square or rectangle shape plot, as it paves way for profitable business operations.
  • While constructing the commercial complex on the plot, make sure that there is more of open space in the northern and eastern directions as compared to the western and southern portions.
  • For parking purpose, northeast zone is just apt.
  • Vastu for commercial buildings suggests that the drainage system should be towards the northeast direction.
  • Avoid growing trees near the main building.
  • While constructing the doors, make sure that the main gate is higher than other doors.
  • If you wish to construct a storeroom for the office, then choose southern or western portion of the plot for this purpose.
  • Make adequate provision for sunlight and proper cross ventilation system.

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