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Any query regarding longevity, Health, Success or Failure, Love, Time of Marriage, Divorce, Result of Examination, Job, Gain by Lottery or Stock Market, Success in Litigation & Legacy etc can be answered through the Ask A Question (Prashna System) . You should feel free to ask any question that worries or concerns you most of the time. The problem area may differ from person to person. The question can be of any sort but one thing that has to be kept in one's mind is that the question should be clear and the question should be a genuine one. This system gives correct results when the questioner is serious to know the answer:

Relationships (Love/Marriage)

If you wish to know about any kind of relationship either love or marriage or friendship or any other, kindly select the icons given below as per your requirement and allow me to prepare a report for you based on astrological combinations in your horoscope. I will tell you what your stars are saying about your coming and running relationships.

Profession (Job/Business)and Wealth

If you are in job or business, the below mentioned reports will provide you a better outlook and tell you how to proceed further to get maximum benefits. Any right action done during right time gives favorable results

Children (Birth and Life)

If you are worried about birth of a child in family or already have child and wish to know his/her future, you can opt any of the report below and take measures to brighten your child's future

Education, Travel, Health etc.

The reports I prepare will provide you a clear idea about education, fields suitable for you, travel prospects and health related predictions


Astrology provide a outlook when we are going to face bad or good consequences of our Karmas (past deeds). Many people ask me what are the remedies and how can we avoid bad things in life. I will provide you better remedies which will sure help in reducing the malefic influences of planets affecting your life


There are many other reports which are quite useful and can't be considered as part of above mentioned categories are kept here. Kindly have a look at them and decide which is going to be more helpful for you