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The Earth Hand

Astrologically, the Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

People with an earth hand have square palms with short fingers. There are usually few lines and often arches on the fingertips. People with this hand dont like change. They tend to be slow in nature and have a strong affinity to nature and the bush.

They are emotionally stable and make the best workers. Interesting is the fact that you often find successful artists and photographers with earth hands.

Most people with trade jobs such as a carpenter have earth hands.

The Earth hand is square and solid. The fingers are short and the palm exhibits few lines. Those that do appear are strong and well defined. Subjects with Earth hands tend to be level-headed, no-nonsense people. Physical experience may be more important than intellectual pursuits. Practical in nature, the Earth type may be conservative and probably prefers spending time outdoors. It has been my experience that the Earth type is the least likely to seek out a palmist for a reading

More about Earth Hands:

The earth hand will tend to have a square palm and fingers will be short. Fingers three quarters of the length of that palm or shorter would be considered short. Some slight variation could be allowed (like from three quarters to seven eights on the palm length) if there are very few lines on the palm and it tends to be hard and meaty. It is common, though not necessary, for earth hands to be large.

The best traits found in the earth person are reliability, orderliness, tolerance and a constructive attitude. But on a bad day they can be insensitive, materialistic, domineering and over cautious. We look up to them for sober judgment and experience, but they may dislike change, have problems with adapting and can be loaners. With all their good qualities they are challenged by the needs for care in planning and to avoid tendencies towards wastefulness and abuse. They aspire for justice, supported by tradition and continuity and seek success in their chosen careers.

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