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Mars Mount

Mars Mount

The Mars Mount

There are two Mars on the palm. They are known as Progressive Mars and Regressive Mars. The Surrounded portion beneath the starting point of the Lifeline and above the Mount of Venus is called the Mount of Mars. Basically, this Mount is indicative of war. A man becomes courageous, fearless and frank by the presence of the Mount of Mars.

Persons with prominent Mount of Mars are courageous, fearless and powerful. They are neither cowards nor can be subdued. They have a firmness and a balance in life.

If the Mount turns out to be very prominent then the person would be a villain, tyrant and a criminal. He would be the first in all anti-social activities.

If the Mount of Mars is quite developed and the palm is reddish in color then the person shall reach greater heights in life. He gets complete success in life.

If a cross sign is found on the Mount of Mars then the person shall meet his death in war or while fighting with others. If a zig-zag line is found then the person is likely to die in an accident.

A person can be considered as a coward if the Mount of Mars is absent in his palm.