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Artistic Hand

artistic hand

The Artistic Hand

This hand has smooth fingers, the nails of which are shaped like cones, giving the hand its name. The palm is broad, thick and large, and the thumb is also unusually huge. People with this hand are usually connoisseurs of the arts with superb communication skills, and a love for the arc lights. He lives life on a purely sensual level. On the flip side, this person is impulsive and has a short temper.

Profession: This hand is characteristic of those in the creative field, like painters, sculptors, musician and poets.

Artistic hands are:

Neither too small nor too big.

Thin through out.

Long Palms.

Long fingers.

Fingers pointed towards end.

People with such hands

Impulsive in thought and action.

Creative minds.

Lack energy to work for long durations.


Not very much materialistic.

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