Palmistry - Lines

The Health Line

The Line of Health starts from Life Line and travels to the Mount of Mercury. It is so called as t gives some good indications about one's health. It should be better called the LINE OF MERCURY. As it also indicates the professional and financial situations just like Mercury does. For Profession and financial purposes, it is seen just like the LINE OF FATE

It is better not to have Line of Health. The reason is very obvious, if there would be a line, some malformations are bound to be there thus leading to some health challenges.

Various signs and modifications of the results:

>> If Line of Health ends at Line of Heart, it is an early indicator to some Heart related disease

>> Broad and Pal color line of Health is an indicator of some problems related to Blood circulation

>> If this Line is broken into pieces, it indicates problems related digestive system.

>> Chained Line of Health indicates problems related to Lungs

>> If Line of Health only exist from Line of Head to Line of Heart, it indicates Brain Fever.

>> Deep Line of Health indicates problems related to Nervous system.

>> Any island on the Line of Health, on the Line of Head indicates Sinus problems or problems related to Throat.

>> Zigzag line of health is also an indicator of heart diseases.

>> Star on Line of Health is an indicator of Impotency.

>> No Line of Sun, regular break in Line of Fate and Line of Health can be an indicator of Bankruptcy.