Palmistry - Lines

The Fate or Luck Line

The line of Fate represents the quality of luck in one's life. If the person is lucky or not? If the person is going to get favors from invisible or visible sources in his life or not? All will be told through Fate Line.

The line of fate is a symbol of worldly affairs and one's course in life. It is most intimately associated with careers, but as a corollary to this it is associated with how an individual is influenced, and what barriers and obstacles one encounters. And as always, it is a harbinger of things to come in life, denoting by its alterations in course and composition the trials and boons it offers to all mankind. It charts the course between the line of life, which consists of family and longtime friends, and the mount of the moon, which is the origin of the strange and mysterious. As such, it is the path we wend through a world of uncontrolled circumstances. The events portrayed in the line of fate are those over which man has little governance, being instead the circumstances over which we wield little control.

On the less-used hand, it is symbolic of the potential (or lack thereof) that the bearer may hope to attain. The well-used hand demonstrates how the bearer affected this potential. It is the eternal struggle between thought and action, the inward spirit, the outward main. In another more material sense, the neglected hand signifies legacy and inheritance, while the favored hand denotes what has been achieved through our own labor.