Palmistry - Lines

The Sun Line

The line of Sun represents the recognitions, status, position what a person acheives in life.

The Line of the Sun represents happiness that springs from mental flourish and artistic talent. When present, it Increases the success of the Line of Fate, and gives fame and distinction when in accordance with the work and career given by the other lines of the hand; it is also an indicator of the general youthfulness, health, confidence, and vitality of an individual. Its power takes root in the power of artistry, yet with poor markings, this talent may remain untapped and frustrated, allowing the bearer only to appreciate art, not create it. Though the Line of Fate may symbolize success through diligence and drive, the Line of the Sun brings a much more disproportionate success: it demonstrates the fame and accolades reaped without great effort. This is not to say that those who experience wild success do not work heavily, but there is a great difference in the investment of time between one who takes home a weekly salary versus widespread recognition of a single painting. As the Line of the Sun represents spontaneity, so too is it spontaneous and fickle, for often those who enjoy the fruits of fame savor this recognition only by whim of the public, which changes with the shifting of the winds.

Finally, this line is to be considered as a sister line to the Line of Fate, and as such, it should be interpreted in a like manner. It is almost always a positive sign, strengthening the Line of Fate; in this case, it adds felicity and fulfillment to one's life. But it also represents a ward against calamity; where there be the Line of Sun, there shall be happiness, regardless of the course one's career and fate has taken.