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Philosophical Hand

philosophical hand

The Philosophical Hand

This is a long and angular hand, with bony fingers and knotty joints. The palm is large and bony, and the nailed phalanges are part conical and part square. The philosophic hand belongs to those who spare a thought for the less fortunate. They are blessed with the ability to understand the metaphysical aspect of life. They are gifted with analytical powers and are adept at keeping secrets.

Profession: This hand usually belongs to teachers, thinkers and world leaders.

Philosophical hands are:

Longer than square hands.

Generally Big.

Have slightly pointed fingers towards ends.

Well developed and clearly visible bone joints in fingers

Long fingers

People with Philosophical hands

Are more emotional

Have their own perception of life

Not much materialistic

Inspired by philosophy

Secretive by nature

Somehow Egoistic

Have good analytical brain