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Jupiter Mount

Jupiter Mount

This is situated at the base of the index finger and above the Mount of Mars. It represents god power, leadership, organization and authority. The Mount of Jupiter is said to be very helpful in life and moves the person towards progress

If the Mount of Jupiter is well developed and prominent, then such a person is said to possess godly qualities. Such persons try to save their self-respect. They are learned and are always prepared to help others. They don't get disturbed under difficult conditions. All the Justices of High courts and high authorities are found to have well-developed Mount of Jupiter. They have the quality to change the public in their favor and are also mostly religious-minded.

If the Mount is less prominent or under -developed then there is a general deficiency of the above qualities of the person. Physically such persons are of ordinary body, healthy and have smiling faces. They are experts in delivering lectures. They are kind at heart. They are more inclined towards attainment of respect and good reputation rather than wealth. They have a soft corner for the opposite sex.

If the Mount is developed more than necessary then such a person is found to be selfish, proud and self-willed.

If the Mount is absent in a person, then there is want of self-respect in him. They get very little patronage from their parents. They are found in the company of lower-class people always.

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