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The Water Hand

water hand

Astrologically the Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

The Water hand people have a palm that is rectangular with long fingers. The hand tends to have a large amount of fine lines.

The prints are also usually loops. Many people with this hand make good poets and musicians. They also go well in the fashion and beauty industry.

For people with this hand emotions are more important than reason.

Water hands have many fine, spidery lines and both the palm and the fingers are long. The Water hand is found on the sensitive, emotional type of individual. Water types are caring, receptive and artistic. They are primarily motivated by feelings. They may have trouble coping with stress and are often happiest in a peaceful environment.

More about Water Hands:

Sensitive, intuitive and compassionate would be the qualities those with water hands would most likely claim. Others, less friendly, might call them "off the wall," amoral, depressive, vindictive or unbalanced. These souls have been greatly misunderstood in much of the western world most influenced by the rise and triumph of the "scientific" age with its insistence on rational, linear thought. Water people do not require 'a' to precede 'b' or that '2' must follow '1'. The water personalities do not find their answers through linear logic. They are multi-processors. They filter a profusion of random mental inputs and produce answers that may seem illogical and un-provable by formal methods of deduction. Yet they may be surprisingly accurate. They madden the fire person and muddle the air personalities. But they bring life to the earth person and, so long as both are safe and secure, happiness to other water people.

The water hand is long and rectangular, and tends to be thin with many fine lines and other marks. The fingers are usually long. But a thin hand, hollow in the center of the palm with many lines may qualify even if the fingers are not seven eights of the length of the palm. Finger length is measured by comparing the length of the palm with the length of the middle finger (usually the longest) to determine if the fingers are long or short. The palm length is measured from the base of the middle finger to the wrist. Its width is measured from side to side at about the level just above the thumb. If the width is about the same as the length, then it is a square palm. Otherwise it is a rectangular palm.

Water people do well in sales, especially if they have a pliable thumb tip. Public relations and interior design may also be good career choices. They can project sensuality, but may appear to be hyper-sensitive, intolerant or emotionally cold. They feel the need to be both protective and secretive. The water person needs a supportive environment. They need their basin, their own fish bowl to live in. Once they have it, they will bring their environment to life. They are not so much immoral as amoral, establishing only such rules as are necessary to support and maintain the life in their ocean. Their input is from all directions, hence the multi-processing abilities. Challenged, they become vindictive or depressed. Lacking support they become over-talkative, demanding and may display erratic behavior.

Most of the times, such hands are also Artistic Hands.