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Venus Mount

Venus Mount

The spot beneath the second phalange of the thumb and surrounded by the age line is called the Mount of Venus. Only persons with prominent Mount of Venus can only recognize the world properly and enjoy it..

Persons having this Mount of very high order are beautiful and civilized. They are very healthy and are able to influence others. They do not lack courage.

If the Mount is less prominent in a person's hand then he would be a coward and weak-natured.

Persons with very prominent Mount of Venus are licentious and always covet for the opposite sex. Such a person would be brilliant and handsome. Others are attracted to them. They suffer from diseases of the throat. They do not have any faith in God.

If the Mount is absent in one's hand then he lives the life of an ascetic and has no interest in family life. The person's life would be full of troubles and miseries.

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