Palmistry - Lines

The Marriage Line

Line of Marriage should better be called the Line of Infatuation. Line of Marriage doesn't essentially show marriage (the formal relation our society recognizes). More significantly, it indicates infatuation, love affairs, marriage (of course). While small and weak lines indicates weaker bonds and healthy and strong line indicates strong love bonds.

Marriage Line tells all about the level of marital happiness in the life of the person.

Some combinations:

1) If Line of Health ends at Line of Heart, it is an early indicator to some Heart related disease

2) Deep down turn indicates spouse's poor health

3) If the Line of Marriage turns upwards, it indicates the the person is not happy with the relation.

4) Small branches falling down from the Line of Marriage are strong indicator for spouse's poor state of health

5) Island in between the Line of Marriage indicates separation for short duration.

6) Forked line of the Marriage at the end indicates divorce.

7) Starring with a fork means that love will grow gently.

8) If a branch from Line of Marriage goes and meets Line of Sun, the person will get married to some famous personality. But if such a line cuts the Line of Sun, person gets defame after marriage.

9) If a line rises from the base of Little finger and cuts Line of Marriage, the person faces opposition for marrying the girl of his choice.

10) A supporting line traveling at a fair distance indicates deep love from spouse.

11) The Line of Marriage starting with an island indicates break in relations due to his own faults.

12) If the Line of Marriage turns downwards, the person's spouse dies earlier than the person.

13) If at the turn, there is a cross, it indicates sudden or accidental death.

14) The black spot on the Line of Marriage also indicates spouse's dealth.