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Spatulate Hand

spatulate hand

The Spatulate Hand

As the name suggests, the fingers of this hand are flattened like a spatula. The most characteristic feature is the large thumb. It is extremely broad near the base and tapers towards the fingers. This hand belongs to the imaginative. These people have a love for invention and discovery. They have a quest for knowledge, and a restless and excitable nature. They are energetic and dexterous, and thrive on taking risks.

Profession: People with this hand are mainly artisans, inventors, explorers, navigators, astronauts, and engineers.

Spatulate hands are:

Very Big.


Fingers are also masculine.

Fingers look like spatula towards end.

People with Spatulate hands

Are Restless

Dedicated towards work

Like exploring new ideas

Have navigational skills

Like getting involved in mechanical works

Live to their own ideology