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Moon Mount

Moon Mount

The Moon Mount

The mount of Moon is formed on the palm on the left of the lifeline and below the bracelet, also below the area of Neptune where it joins the life line. The presence of the Mount of Moon on a palm makes a man imaginative, a lover of beauty and very emotional.

Persons with fully developed Mount of Moon are lovers of nature and beauty. They remain in the dream world. There is no lack of imagination in their lives. Such persons are high class Artists, Musicians and Men of Letters. They are full of religious ideas.

If the Mount is fairly developed then the person is imaginative and makes castles in the air. He makes many plans but none of them are completed , some not even started. They are too emotional.

Persons not having the Mount of Moon are hard-hearted and fully materialistic. They have fighting as their main trait.

If zig-zag lines are found on this Mount then the person shall go on voyages several times in life. If a circle is found on the Mount, then such a person shall go to foreign countries for political reasons.

If this Mount is more than developed, then that person is found to be fickle-minded, suspicious or mad. He suffers from headache all the time.