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The Fire Hand

fire hand

Astrologically the Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

The fire hand has a long palm and short fingers. People with this shaped hand tend to be active, outgoing and often extroverts.

They are excitable and emotional. They like to be in charge and control other people. There is always a large number of strong lines on the hands and usually whorl fingerprints. Fire handed people tend to have a lot of injuries and accident.

A hand with an elongated palm and short fingers fits into the Fire classification. The lines in the palm are usually strong and well-defined and the hand may have a busy or vibrant feel to it. Fire types are energetic and action oriented. They have a need for variety and may lack patience. Then tend to be individualistic and often make good leaders.

More about Fire Hands:

The fire hand has a rectangular palm and short fingers. These measurements are made from the palm side of the hand. We measure and compare the length and breadth of the palm to see if it is a square or a rectangle. Then we compare the length of the palm with the length of the middle finger (usually the longest) to determine if the fingers are long or short. The palm length is measured from the base of the middle finger to the wrist. Its width is measured from side to side at about the level just above the thumb. Fire and water hands both bear rectangular palms, but the water hands are less robustness, may be hollow in the middle and tend to have many more fine lines and other markings.

The fire hand is commonly found on urban dwellers. Perhaps it is the fast pace of life that attracts them, ever challenging them with the new. They may tend to be peek experience groupies. Fire types are ruled by passion: passion in life, love and experience. As volatile lovers, their passion attracts them to other fire types. The self starting air type with his or her constant new ideas, can also form a good match. But the fire type must take care not to burn the air type out. These passionate souls soon tire of earth types and water types are quite unfathomable and make them feel smothered.

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