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PALMISTRY is the process of foretelling ones future by the imprints on the palm. Palmistry is based upon the interpretation of the general characteristics of one's hands, together with the study of the lines, their patterns and other formations, which appear on the palms and fingers.

Although the general nature of one's hands does not change, the lines, patterns and formations often do. Palmistry may relate to the physical state, emotional, mental and health condition, tendencies and modes of interaction with others.

Palmistry is in itself a complete science which can forecast the future of an individual authentically. In the present day modern world, it would be very helpful for a person if his future is known. It would be easier for him to reach his destined destination. For this purpose we need an authentic science which can tell the complete past and to fore- see.

Palmistry is an important science which tells us about the future very genuinely. Of, course there are the various branches of Astrology which predict the future course of an individual, but palmistry gets one step more in it the results are very clear and accurate. In the other branches of Astrology, the moment of birth is very important but in Palmistry, it is the lines and mounts on one's hand that hold the key to his future.

The small, thick, thin and oblique lines in the palm of a person have the whole future imprinted therein. Palmistry has also contributed to the medical and criminal sciences. The events of a person can be easily recognized by an experienced Palmistry Expert and the finger imprints can be used to identify criminal cases.